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A stylish kitchen appeals to connoisseurs and lovers of top-quality interiors. Whatyou like is on show. A spacious wine fridge, for example, integrated in a continuoustall unit block, which also houses the fridge, although that is not obvious onthe outside. This large, continuous door is extremely elegant and is one of the manypossibilities of expressing savoir-vivre. If a kitchen is going to be used a lot, easilyaccessible storage solutions are essential: units, pullouts and drawers in which allutensils are always to hand and still stowed away tidily. Once your work is done,accessories can be put away again and the kitchen has a „tidied up“ front.


Technical Data and Fittings

Range 1 CARRÉ-FS | F 273 platinum
Range 2 TOPOS | H 312 walnut
Worktop 005 Glass
Sink Blanco
Tap Dornbrach
Electrical Appliances Cucinamondo, Miele, Falmec
Interior fitments Q-Box