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CLASSIC-FS | XYLO. Gnarled oak - elegantly combined.

CLASSIC-FS | XYLO. Gnarled oak - elegantly combined.

Gnarled oak - elegantly combined

Knotholes, cracks and the brushed surface give the new oak front Xylo" the gnarled aged wood character. The vertical colour matching grained veneer bars with staggered joints enhance the authentic effect. In the 'house4kitchen', LEICHT presents the"Xylo" in a very modern and extremely elegant layout in the colour "aged oak slate". "Aged oak, natural", "aged oak, copper" and"aged oak, moor" add three further "Xylo"-surfaces, each available with matching surround accessories.


Technical Data and Fittings

Range 1 CLASSIC-FS | F 130 mohair
Range 2 XYLO | H 376 antique oak slate
Handle 565 Metal bow handle
Worktop 007 Ceramic
Sink IDRO 500-400
Tap Vola, KV4 40
Electrical appliances V-Zug
Interior fitments Q-BOX