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Kitchens are one of the busiest places in the house. A family that cooks together- stays together. Wilhelm Harms- the founder of Harms Kitchen is a proud supplier of top quality German made custom kitchens for homeowners in Winnipeg.

Harm’s Kitchen Design carries exclusive LEICHT Kitchen and LEICHT lines of German kitchen innovations and designs. We built kitchen which are practical, elegant and a true reflection of your style and personality. At Harm’s Kitchen we always use top quality materials and superior craftsmanship to deliver flawless results every time!

For a beautiful interior of the home kitchen and interior of your Winnipeg should be in harmony in style and colors. Basically, there are two main approaches to design a kitchen. They are; Open and structured styles. Both kitchen styles address different types of lifestyles. Families with young children and a busy social life tend to choose an open concept design. This design allows you to interact and entertain friends and family while cooking in the kitchen. This area becomes the hub of the house. It becomes a living and dining room. Also, with kids and teenagers they do their home works, assignments, and projects on kitchen island. Open concept kitchens are a great choice for busy families. Our German made LEICHT line has everything made with high quality materials which will stand the test of use by children, teenagers and your guests. With neat lines and innovative thin counter tops you have more space to work, play and eat. Our Leicht design lines carry all types of solution for you and your kitchen.

Structured kitchens are preferred by those individuals who prefer to keep their cooking and other areas of lives separate. One of the best advantages of the structured kitchen is the smell of cooked food is only limited to the cooking area. We have neat designs for compartments in the drawers and cabinets which makes arranging various utensils and cutlery a breeze. We also offer specialized suspended floor units which makes your kitchen look neat and organized without any effort. We unique corner storage solution everything will have a place and everything will always be in place.

Our lighting solutions and appliances collections compliment both design interior and kitchen styles. We carry unique shelves, niche rear panels. We also have the option to cover appliances with same veneer as your kitchen cabinets. These matching veneers will appliances make your kitchen look like right out of a catalogue. All these small details add to make your kitchen one of best kitchens in your neighborhood and in your family!

Harm’s Kitchen offer complete personalized kitchen installation, renovation and interior decoration services in Winnipeg. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will guide you every step of kitchen and interior design process. You will have a stunning and one of a kind kitchen! Kitchen designed and installed by Harm’s Kitchen in Winnipeg will become a true pride of your home and talking point among your guests.

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